Turbo Blower

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiryAs a hard centrifugal type compressed-air production system with an impeller directly connected to a high-speed motor, NAMWON TURBOONE’s turbo blower effectively integrates air bearings suitable for high-speed rotation, inverters for variable speed, PLC, protection of components, and enclosure technology for noise reduction of compressors.
The high-efficiency design enables reducing power costs by 20 ~ 40% compared to conventional blowers, with air bearing and air-cooled application.
As an environmentally friendly product, with no lubrication system and almost no noise and vibration, this product improves the working environment of operators.
Adopting an air-foil bearing with no lubricant at all, this turbo blower does not need bearing exchanging work or periodic lubricating oil supply – only requiring the inlet filter to be cleaned and changed.
With its compact design, comparatively more lightweight than other ones, this turbo blower can be a solution that solves such matters as manufacturing cost and installation space. And this product allows the operators to move and install it easily.
Reduction of motor rotation speed, pressure, and temperature & flow rate is possible by controlling room computer, constant pressure operation, load / no-load operation function. This product can be controllable up to super-load operation. Automatic control of the blower is possible through surge prevention control. This product is fitted with a high-efficiency and high-efficiency motor.
By applying high-efficiency design and high-efficiency motor of the compression section, the overall efficiency is more than 66%. As this product adopts air bearing and direct connection technology, there is no contact between devices, so there is no need for low-noise sound insulation equipment of 75 to 80 db.
This turbo blower is a centrifugal blower in which suction and discharge are continuously performed by applying a non-contact air bearing. And self-vibration of the product is at zero level.

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