360-degree Rotational Excavator’s Arm

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiryByeok Gang Industry Machine is adding new vitality to the heavy equipment attachment market with its recently manufactured new-concept excavator arm. It is recognized as the first such product in the industry.
The excavator’s arm rotates 360-degrees so that the worker can carry out work in any direction that the operator wants it to do. By using the existing attachment without a rotor, the excavator’s arm can be free of rotational devices to be attached on each part, thus ensuring economic feasibility and weight lightening.
The existing arm with one structure was divided into two arms and was then integrated with a 360-degree rotational device. Through these procedures, this excavator’s arm could obtain reliability of the rotational device by decentralizing of the centre of gravity.
While the existing excavators can only be operated by up and down movement in two-dimensions in terms of their own structure, this excavator’s arm can operate in 360-degree directions by being fitted with a rotational device in the middle of the excavator’s arm itself. As the attached equipment is rotated, the excavator’s arm can carry out works in various degrees of works. The operation’s efficiency and range are both increased. It offers significant cost-reduction effects on labor and fuel-saving.
Established in 2002, Byeok Gang Industry Machine has focused on producing industrial machinery by establishing advanced equipment facilities.

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