Snow Makers Co., Ltd. constantly studies a specific technology of snowmaking. Its snowmaking technology accumulated through ceaseless R&D has become firmer and more widespread, and it is advancing worldwide.
Snowtech has developed and succeeded in localizing its snowmaking machine applying its own technological prowess for the first time in Korea, which was previously a wasteland for snowmaking technology. In addition, after starting out in the “the snow business” in 2000, which was something new at that time, Snowtech has been retaining its business history and now is gaining recognition for its business implementation capability and technological prowess. While the existing concept of “snow” was earlier confined within a limited framework, such as winter/mountain recesses, we concentrated on the realization of snowmaking technology that can move and expand people’s perceptions of snow to the four seasons/ urban areas, by breaking the stereotypes of temperature and space. As a result of such research and development, Snowtech has developed the all-weather snowmaker capable of producing real snow throughout the year and Snowtech the Ice Magic Snowmaker making snow even at normal temperatures, thereby leading the snowmaking technology that is becoming competitive in the global market. Also, Snowtech just has developed the Home Snowmaking Machine enabling anyone to easily make snow, even in the home garden. It is a snowmaker that enables the general public to enjoy the snow more enjoyably than ever before. Snowtech thinks that ‘Snow is the most beautiful romance with which God has provided mankind.’ We will become an enterprise striving all the more to develop a valuable snowmaking technology harmonizing provision of nature and person. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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