Looseproof Fasteners

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiryFindmold’s LOCXELL is a kind of looseproof fastener that is made after inserting permanent magnets in the flanges of bolts and nuts. It prevents the nuts and bolts from being loosened by any vibration and impact in the absence of fastening.
This looseproof fastener is very convenient for workers’ fastening and unfastening operations compared to the existing looseproof products. It can be reused, giving economical benefits to users.
This is a high-tension (over 8T) product. Currently this company produces M16~M30 levels of products. The customized larger products (over M33) are also manufactured.
Recently, these products are being delivered to the nation’s railway-related cooperation as railway parts. It also gained significant results from an experimental application at a wind plant in Korea.
Findmold Co., Ltd. is aiming to expand its application for securing of structures including railways, heavy equipment, steel towers, which are exposed to vibration ― for ensuring safety. Established in 2012, Findmold has been largely involved in manufacturing of aluminum profiles products. Recently, the company released a looseproof fastener called LOCXELL with a mission of contributing to a safer society. Currently, Findmold is striving to develop new technologies and products including higher grade looseproof fasteners.

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