Photovoltaic Power Charger Co. Ltd. was incorporated in 2018 and designs and manufactures products related to green automobile technologies and energy.
ENERHARVE recently released a USB-type photovoltaic power generator for vehicles and is developing stirling engines and solar blinds. Furthermore, ENERHARVE studies and develops permanent energy source essential for an energy exhaustion era.
This company’s USB-type photovoltaic power generators, unlike the existing photovoltaic panels featuring large size and broad width, are easy to install anywhere by using its self-developed photovoltaic panel, thinner and longer than other products, and can charge and use the produced electricity via a USB-type terminal.
This photovoltaic panel can reuse the abandoned but still useful energy by being installed on a dashboard in vehicles and can be used in situations where there is a need for power by being installed in places where sunlight is plentiful and when users are enjoying outdoor camping or trip.
This product can be conveniently used in some countries with shortages of electricity. It can produce electricity without restriction of place by being installed in any places where electricity is required. This product is a so-called new concept green energy product.
ENERHARVE is a late starter, but is actively seeking to pioneer potential business partners. While seeking customers, this company is striving to develop productive models that would lead the company to a new stage for growth.
These days, ENERHARVE also emphasizes listening to feedback from the existing customers and markets in order to reflect such inputs in developing its next models. The company considers potential foreign users as major players who can accompany it in a process of development and growth. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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