Cutting Tools GIGONG Co., Ltd. is a specialized cutting tool manufacturing company founded in 2005. With its own professionals, this company manufactures various fields of cutting tools such as precision machinery, heavy equipment parts, automobiles parts, and ship component parts. It has since developed into a company that supplies the highest-quality services to customers.
This company provides superior quality of specialized cutting tools including special steels, automobiles parts, ship parts, heavy equipment parts, carbon parts, etc. Thus, this company supplies advanced cutting tools that meet the change in industry circles, enabling the customers to maximize their own values.
WOONAM GIGONG operates specialized departments for sales management, tool business, processing business, and research laboratory and makes attempts for technology development and increase of product quality through participation of some important government-led projects.
WOONAM GIGONG produces hard metal tools as major products. It manufactures special cutting tools that meet the needs of its customers along with standard-type of drills and end mills.
WOONAM GIGONG designs and manufactures special cuttings required for processing tools and process development, depending on the variation of the things that needs to be processed: shape processing; processing for certain things that are difficult to cut; and technology development that can decrease the abrasion speed caused by the use of high-density materials.
Moreover, in line with the things that are difficult to cut, this company leads the way in the cutting tool industry circles by studying variations in the processing of cutting tools depending on tools’ materials, shapes, and coating methods. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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