Precision Parts TECH CO., LTD. prides itself on being a precision parts engineering company that provides clients with the highest satisfaction along with the best quality and punctual delivery, using its outstanding machining process technology.
Now JUNGSU TECH manufactures three major precision parts – MMW sensor modules, lower arms, and lower arms. JUNGSU TECH’s MMW sensor module is made by combining various materials and at various angles, and is one of the key components. Through module engineering, the company got the chance to make jigs for schools and research centers engaged in developing new technologies domestically.
The company’s lower arm is a product that has variable height and angle according to road impact and steering device operation. This blocks vibrations to improve comfort.
The company’s sealing wheel is designed to be used in making PE separating envelope to separate the electrode in the battery into a cathode plate and an anion plate. This product is a localized form of a UK product produced for Delco Co., Ltd. In the process of this product, precision machining, heat treatment, and surface treatment are applied.
JUNGSU TECH has been recognized for its technology through the localized development of import parts, and has contributed to the growth of its clients by offering auto parts manufacturers a solution to improve cost-saving manufacturing processes and thus helping them cultivate their capabilities. JUNGSU TECH will continue its efforts to share its growth with clients.
JUNGSU TECH develops new process technologies with commitment and passion, and it will use all its capabilities to develop the products and technologies that clients need through fast data collection and changing its approach where needed.
JUNGSU TECH has formed alliances and partnerships with other companies across various fields to improve service quality, and will become a company trusted by clients by enhancing its integrated capabilities through continuous new technology development and management innovation. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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