360-degree Omni-directional Dash Cam

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiryHEXHIVE has been consistently committed to the development of superb quality car dash cams, since its founding in 2010. Through intensive investment in R&D, the company has consistently listened to customers’ demands, thereby fully meeting their expectations. Currently the company offers three major product models, some of which are being exported to Denmark, Sweden, etc. Also, business negotiations are underway with some partners in Japan, the United States, and Europe, raising expectations for more exports in the near future.

FIOR 360 Bike Dash Cam
With a QHD class of high-definition, the product employs GPS rendering “monitor moving routes and time” This dash cam is basically for cyclists and motorcyclists to monitor all directions without blind spots simultaneously. This product can be used for sports & leisure activities and various kinds of extreme sports that require helmets including skiing, snowboarding, etc., as a 360-degree action cam.

FIOR 360 Car / Premium Dash Cam
This dash cam nables drivers to fully prepare for side accidents and prevent theft within the vehicles by monitoring 360-degrees (inside & outside of the vehicle) with only one unit. This product has been exclusively developed for taxis and will contribute to prevention of various types of safety accidents, including violence by passengers toward taxi drivers.
In the case of monitoring the inside of the car, passengers sitting in the rear seat can choose to set the recording mode at the privacy mode, thus recording only the front side of the view without being exposed to the camera, thus maintaining their personal privacy. This product is considered “the most effective dash cam” in that it can cover insurance for side accidents that comprise 40 percent of all traffic accidents.
With the video stored in a cloud server through LTE, 4G network, drivers can check the condition of their cars anytime and anywhere and cope with any abnormal situations, including any external impact, theft, etc., by receiving a message informing them of any emergency situations on a cell phone.FIOR 360 Home Camera
This is a multipurpose 360-degree IP camera that can be used for such various purposes as home security, baby and senior care, pet care, store supervision, etc. By storing an image through a cloud server, users can monitor their home anytime and anywhere via a cell phone. This product supports various functions including sound-recognition, interactive services, multi-user viewing, smart-tracking, alarming of emergency situations, etc.

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