Battery Recovery System Inc. launched its business career by releasing a battery recovery system on the market in 2009. This company has been supplying the battery recovery system to 86 countries over the past decade, gaining a good reputation from global customers.
The battery recovery system MCS is an all-in-one device for high-capacity charging, and it is an IT power apparatus with latest ICT technologies related to the maintenance, diagnosis, and recovery of batteries.
MCS’s battery recovery process is so fully automated and controllable by its software program that swift recovery is ensured. If user uses their own battery with BMS technology, the user can analyze the battery to the cell unit.
With no necessity for a separate setting, MCS operates with a single click of the motion button and then a suitable operation is carried out. The status of the battery is displayed with various kinds of graphics so that the user can easily check whether the battery is in a poor condition. The control program for Windows on a PC is automatically upgraded once the Internet is connected. Also, this is always maintained as a latest program. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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