Cryogenic Liquid Gas Cylinder in 1996, HanbeeCryo Co., Ltd. is the only company in S. Korea to produce cryogenic liquid gas cylinders (LGC) for over 20 years. HanbeeCryo only produces the cylinders that pass the inspection (Code KGS AC 213 & 416) according to the prescribed inspection items by the Korea Gas Safety Corporation ( KGS).
HanbeeCryo’s cryogenic liquid gas cylinder is a product used for storing and carrying industrial liquid gas that nears about 200-degrees below zero. Now it is widely used for various industrial sites such as shipbuilding, automobiles, electronics, foods, and medical, etc.
This product has superior durability and insulation (maintaining for five days in a situation of full charging of liquid gas in cylinder). And this product has an easy structure to overhaul. All of these features explain why the existing customers

still prefer to use the company’s products. There are three categories of products – cryogenic liquid gas cylinders, fuel cylinders for LNG vehicles, and customized products – that are now manufactured.
HanbeeCryo has been supplying the LGC with economical prices by diversifying the specifications of the desired products according to the needs of the consumers by capacity and pressure by the R&D and management based on advanced techniques since its establishment. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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