Livestock Blood Recycling Equipment[INQ. NO. 1907M01] NANUM Co., Ltd. is a company that specializes in recycling of livestock’s blood in an eco-friendly way. It is well-known in Korea with technology that enables blood protein to be decomposed as high-quality natural amino acid by using an enzyme rather than using chemicals. By using the natural amino acid produced by such a process, this company manufactures fertilizers, feed additives, and bioactivity materials and exports recyclable equipment to foreign markets. NANUM is about to contribute to the improvement of global soils and water-quality.

NANUM’s livestock blood recycling equipment is a facility that produces a high-quality natural amino acid liquid fertilizer in an eco-friendly way by recycling a livestock’s blood. With one ton of blood, NANUM produces up to 1.3t (organic farming) to 1.5t (multi-purpose) of high-quality amino acid liquid fertilizer, producing approximately 400 tons yearly. This is what it called the world’s first full-automatic system and can be easily operated by just one operator. It is cost-effective including low electricity cost. It requires about four months to be installed.

The company’s high-quality natural amino acid liquid fertilizer is made from livestock’s blood that was decomposed by using an enzyme. This fertilizer contains plenty of natural amino acids and various kinds of minerals, all of which crops love to absorb. It is officially recognized for its outstanding effectiveness in the cultivation of crops, and is being exported to China, Vietnam, and Myanmar. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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