First-class Waterless 2 in 1 Cleaner and caring for a car can be hard work for anyone, as it requires a certain place and equipment. And sometimes, it requires a little bit of knowledge and skill like an expert. But, with WATERLESS 2 in 1 CLEANER, requirements such as place, equipment, knowledge and skill are unnecessary. Car washing and caring can be done by simple and easy use of this product.
The main benefits of WATERLESS 2 in 1 CLEANER are: ‘Easy to use,’ and ‘Wash and wax at the same time.’ It makes your car washing so quick and easy. Just follow these instructions: First, spray on the surface. Second, wait 2~3 minutes. Third, wipe the applied area. On the other hand, ordinary car wash involves all the following steps: clean dirt with duster – water – shampoo – rinse – dry. Furthermore, the waxing and drying process can be added if the car owner wants to wax the car.
WATERLESS 2 in 1 CLEANER is the most economical choice as car wash equipment such as duster, bucket, brush gun foam, etc., is not necessary to be purchased. Moreover, it is unnecessary to visit a special place to wash your car. This product can reduce car maintenance costs.
It does not cause damage thanks to the scratch protection technology that dissolves dirt on the surface. Car surfaces can be damaged during washing by sticky and slight dirt. Also, automatic car wash machines especially scratch the car’s paintwork. By dissolving dirt, the car surface is cleaned smoothly without any scratches.
It is applicable to all parts such as car surfaces & wheels. So, it can be the best choice for car wash beginners and people who do not have enough time to wash their cars thoroughly. ‘Brazilian Carnauba Wax’ ingredient makes the car’s surface more glossy without additional wax product in a short time. Also, users can avoid harmful chemical odors due to the apple fragrance. It can thus be recommended for users who dislike chemical odors.
It can be used anywhere in countries with environmental regulations regarding certain cleaning agents. During washing, bubbles from cleaning agents can contaminate water as it cannot be purified within a short time and by using small amounts of water. So, some countries regulate places to wash cars with equipment for purifying contaminants. WATERLESS 2 in 1 CLEANER, however, does not require water and can be used everywhere, and it is free from environmental regulations. For easy and eco-friendly car wash & wax, WATERLESS 2 in 1 CLEANER is highly recommendable. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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