Industrial Valves, the world needs special valves for many items in each field of advancement and specialization. General valves lack durability due to short lifespan and severe abrasion.
In particular, after finding out that there were no valves professionally developed for solid (powder) transport lines, Samsung Control Valve Company Limited. began research and development of dome valves and pinch valves from 2008.
Then, in collaboration with a domestic enterprise, it has updated and developed the products continuously with the field test (TEST-BED) for two years for its customers to maintain the products easily and quickly.

Dome Valve
Samsung Control Valve Company carried out the standardization of the components with 3D from the design stage in order to develop and produce the product at a low cost and also applied tungsten coating to valves.
While the existing valves can be used for about two months only, the life of the dome valve was verified to be 3~5 years or longer and production of the valve is available from 50A to 300A. This product can be applied to cement, ash of thermoelectric power plants, mining equipment, flour transport, and transport facilities for steel dust from steel mills.

Globe Control Valve
Globe control valve is a valve optimized for transport of gas, steam, water and liquid. PID control and on-off control are possible for its control mode, and the cast steel and stainless steel are the materials for production.
The standard of production ranges from 15A to 450A. This product is applied to the power plant, chemistry, foods, bio or gas facilities.

Pinch Valve
Pinch valve is optimized f o r t h e p i p e l i n e f o r controlling oil that contains slurry and for transporting powders. Materials that can be used for producing the valve include casting, cast steel, stainless steel a n d a l u m i n u m . T h i s product is applied to the slurry transport equipment of power plants, sewage treatment plants, mine facilities, paper manufacturing facilities, etc.
Samsung Control Valve Company dominates more than 90% of the domestic market at present and has been participating in overseas projects at the request of coal-fired power plants and EPC companies, resulting in US$400 million of indirect exports annually. By finding new buyers by participating in at least three exhibitions every year, it has expanded its export network to 14 countries or more. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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