Optimized Heat Treatment Facilities

https://korean-machinery.com///inquirySangdoTDS Co., Ltd. designs and manufactures optimized heat-treatment facilities and processes for the desired materials by a user and the demand characteristics using development, manufacturing, and quality-control technologies that have been accumulated for the past 26 years.

Thermal Processing for Quenching and Tempering
SangdoTDS has been performing various heat treatments, including quenching/tempering, normalizing, annealing, spheroidizing, annealing, carburizing, nitrocarburizing, oxi-nitrocarburizing, etc., using the mesh belt type continuous furnace and the PIT-type furnace for 26 years.
Quenching refers to the process of heating metal parts at a high temperature, maintaining their temperature, and letting them cool down immediately in a cooling medium (oil or water). Metal parts are reheated after quenching; toughness is improved during this process, which is called tempering. The strength obtained through quench hardening is not high, and metal parts are reheated to improve the toughness of the internal microstructure.
Quenching and tempering are paired up and performed, and is called quenching and tempering (QT).

This is a heat-treatment process in which the entire austenite or some of it is transformed to martensite and hardened through immediate cooling after austenitizing steel. The austenitizing temperature for hypoeutectoid steel should be Ac₃hypoeutectoid steel, and the quenching temperature for it should be set between Ac₁and Acm.
There are water quenching, oil quenching, martempering, and austempering as quenching methods.

This is a heat treatment process of reheating quench-hardened steel below the eutectic temperature, keeping it at that temperature for an appropriate period, and air cooling immediately to improve ductility and toughness, remove residual stress, and stabilize the structure.
This is commonly used in the mass-production of small products of 5kg unit weight or less. It requires fewer personnel due to easy operation through automation. Nonoxidizing is available by using CH3OH, RX-GAS, and DXGAS for ambient gas.
SangdoTDS also offers technical transfer consulting including facility maintenance, manufacturing and quality management technology, etc., to help customers without heat treatment related experience manufacture products stably in the shortest time after introducing facilities.


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