Radiators for Generator Cooling

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry[INQ. NO. 1909M15] There are two main types of radiators for cooling generators: a mounted radiator that is directly attached to a generator; and a remote radiator that is installed separately from a generator.
Technically speaking, a radiator is a machine that cools down the engine assembled in a generator.
Therefore, every engine needs a radiator as a cooler – and so do cars, excavators and forklifts.
Construction machines like excavators and forklifts are equipped with not only radiators but also oil coolers and intercoolers. It is mostly made of aluminum and is divided into FIN/TUBE types and BAR types, which are better in terms of the pressure and durability.
Radiators for generators are mainly made out of copper, brass and aluminum and can be designed only with the engine cooling data and site conditions. The company is able to design and produce radiators for high-speed engines (Doosan, Caterpillar, Cummins, MTU, and so forth). The company is also providing customized remote radiators to cool down middle/low-speed engines (Wartsila, MAN, Himsen, etc.) used for all power plants(diesel, gas engine).
By controlling the temperature and motor speed, such a remote radiator can be manufactured into a quiet type. The anti-corrosion coating process is improving the durability of these products to be used in briny coastal areas. Radiators with capacities ranging from some KW to over 100MW are being operated. In addition, it can also replace a cooling tower that definitely pollutes the environment. Furthermore, a remote radiator can be used as a second cooling system for a generator with the help of a heat exchanger as a first cooling system as shown in the system diagram below.
Beyond coolers for engines of generators, Daeheung Radiator Co., Ltd. has also recently developed and supplied air coolers for hydrogen fuel cells. And, air coolers used for compressing hydrogen are also being developed.

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