Various Architectural Scale Models[INQ. NO. 1909M16] Design be art Co., Ltd. is a company customizing architectural scale models. Ranging from large-scale urban development planning models to small-scale housing models, Design be art carries out manufacturing, installation and delivery in the fastest and most sophisticated way to any place in the world. At present, it operates local subsidiaries and branch offices in Washington, D.C., Astana in Kazakhstan, and Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia, as well as via its head office in Korea.
Design be art produces scale models of various fields such as modern architecture scale model, museum design and exhibition model, urban planning model, etc., and all models are customized one-on-one to completely meet customers’ needs. Furthermore, Design be art aims at displaying more realistic and artistic works by combining LED lighting, operating devices, kiosk and exhibition stands, rather than simply making precise models.

Architectural Scale Model
Architectural scale models are used for promotion of house sales, design competition and results of design delivery, exhibitions and expositions, and various design reviews.

Museum Design & Exhibition Model
Museum design & exhibition model is used for organizing and directing the exhibition space such as museums, science museums, etc.

Urban Planning Model
Urban planning model shows the future development plan of a city in advance, expresses features of the city (local cultural properties, landmark, etc.) and is used for city hall or ward office, history museum, tourism business, etc.

Engineering/Educational Model
Engineering/educational model is manufactured to demonstrate the process of specific technology or product so that people can easily understand it and can be used for wind tunnel tests, factory manufacturing processes, hydraulic model tests, etc.

Interior/Floor Plan Model
Interior/floor plan model is used for showing the moving-in plan and location of shopping centers included in large shopping malls, factory buildings, etc. and expresses the appearance of actual shopping centers using detailed accessories. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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