Autonomous Vehicle Contents Platform[INQ. NO. 1909M17] Due to the rapid changes in the IT environment, various technologies can converge and various solutions can emerge based on transparent OLED, 4D hologram, and 5G communication.
MAIN INFO is an autonomous vehicle contents/platform company that rapidly adopts these new technologies and integrates new technologies in the product to launch new products every two years.
HOLO NAVI 1.0 is a HUD navigation for vehicles applying hologram technology; HOLO NAVI 2.0 is a vehicle driving assistance device using motion sensor technology; HOLO NAVI 3.0 implements C-ITS equipment communication between HOLO NAVI products; and HOLO NAVI 4.0 is a solution for the control of automotive electronic platform (AUTO-SAR) using HOLO NAVI products. Accordingly, MAIN INFO is striving for research and development step-by-step based on its long-term roadmap.
Up to now, HOLO NAVI 2.0 has been launched, which is a product that defines where the driver in the vehicle should place the mobile device and pursues two goals: driving stability (compliance with road traffic regulations); and driving efficiency (preventing negligence in keeping eyes on the road ahead).
This product is a driving assistance device using motion sensor technology, enabling the driver to receive phone calls and respond to texts (rejection message) using the motion sensor while driving. Also, it is possible to operate Melon Players by applying the motion recognition function.
Using the smartphone (application + motion sensor), with the left/right sensor mounted, if the hand gesture is recognized as from left to right, it is recognized as a YES response, enabling you to receive the phone call. However, when the hand gesture is recognized as from right to left, it is recognized as NO, resulting in refusal of the phone call.
This product helps in preventing drowsy driving by realizing the fun of driving with the operation of mobile application due to the motion while driving.
While the recognition rate of gestures mounted on high-end cars of other companies is 60%, its product has the strength of 90% of recognition rate. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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