Turbine Blades

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry[INQ. NO. 1909M23] JINYOUNG TBX Co., Ltd., which has been gradually moving forward based on customer satisfaction and reliability ever since its establishment in 1982, has been committed to producing the most important part of all in power-generating facilities, turbine blade, since the late 1980s.
And, its winning high praise from world-renowned manufacturers after succeeding in developing and mass-producing various types of blades that were previously entirely imported.
Its main product, the turbine blade, is the core part of steam turbines and gas turbines of power plants including nuclear power, hydroelectric power, thermal power and combined cycle. When steam or gas is emitted by boilers or other facilities pass though blades installed inside a turbine at high temperature and high pressure, they get powered to spin around at high speed and subsequently operate a generator for electricity.
JINYOUNG TBX has built up its own expertise on each of the blade products after undergoing trial and error and conducting researches for the last 30 years on blades, which should satisfy extreme conditions such as high temperature, high pressure and high speed. It has capability of producing various cutting-edge and 3D-curved blades and managing their quality.
JINYOUNG TBX produces Compressor Blades, Vanes, IGV, OGV, etc., for gas turbines and rotating, moving, rotor, fan blade, stationary, fixed, stator blade, profile, partition, bucket, airfoil, etc., for steam turbines. As for turbo machinery products, the company has impellers, blisks, diffusers, and so forth.
Moreover, JINYOUNG TBX has experience in various OEM productions and localizations, and is able to manufacture turbine blades for all types of gas and steam turbines as well.

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