Engine Mounts

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry[INQ. NO. 1909M24] The engine mount effectively supports the engine between the vehicle body and the engine, and simultaneously reduces vibration and noise transmitted from the engine. Therefore, this is a part of which the vibration isolation performance is required to be essential for quiet driving of the car.
The engine mount supports the engine effectively when its stiffness and attenuation is large, but the riding quality deteriorates due to increased transmission force to the body through the mount. In contrast, when the stiffness and attenuation is small, the reduced transmission force decreases the vibration and noise but fails to support the engine effectively, thereby having the conflicting design condition.

The inner plate supports the link bearings of the axle and the wheel axle and, simultaneously, effectively cushioning the friction between the tires and road surface, thereby having a profound effect on the vehicle’s comfortable ride while driving on the road. In addition, the inner plate is a part having a dustproof effect, which protects the bearings against the fine dust generated in the place between the bearing and the axle, and between the road surface and the tires.
As shown below, the inner plate is a part requiring multiple press moldings such as blanking, piercing and drawing.
HAEUN TECH Co., Ltd., since its establishment in 2004, has been diligently pursuing its goals as a professional manufacturer of mechanical parts with a motto of “If you are diligent, there is nothing to be afraid of.”
HAEUN TECH is striving to make the best products in the industry owing to its skilled workers with many years of experience and know-how and the creative technology accumulated until now.
HAEUBN TECH puts the company’s growth first through customer satisfaction, and all of the employees devote themselves to the goal of realizing a company to which they want to report for duty when getting up in the morning, and are proud of when leaving work in the evening.

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