Industrial Scissors & Saws[INQ. NO. 1909M25] Since its founding in 1983, HWASHIN METAL IND. CO.,LTD. has manufactured various types of cutting tools from multi-purpose scissors, pruners to garden shears, lopping shears and horticultural flower thinning shears. It has grown steadily in Korea with raising competitiveness, and now it is commonly acknowledged that it is at the top position in Korea as a scissors company with its technology and productivity.
HWASHIN METAL has signed an agreement with Agricultural Research & Extension Services, which is a Korean government-affiliated organization. Through cooperating with the organization, HWASHIN METAL developed various kinds of farm-work purpose scissors, non-slip pruners, grape thinning scissors and girdling machine, and supplied these items to many farms throughout Korea.
HWASHIN METAL also started to produce several kinds of saws such as carpenter saws, folding saws and pruning saws since 2017. To fully apply its technology to saws, HWASHIN METAL moved to a larger factory in April 2017 and brought in many new facilities, so it can produce a whole range of saws independently.

The company is ranked No. 1 in the sales of hand scissors in Korea, producing many kinds of scissors including multi-purpose scissors, fruit shears, pruning shears, hedge shears, and lopping shears. The blade of all scissors are made of top class steel material (carbon tool steel), and the hardness and the cutting force of the blade are excellent by applying optimized heat treatment.
Multi-purpose scissors are commonly used not only for farm work but also for industrial purposes in manufacturing plants and construction sites.
Fruit shears which are for thinning fruits have not only straight blades, but also curved blades (P-100C model).Pruning shears are bypass pruners, and have aluminiumdie-casted handles (S-880 model).
Hedge shears have telescopic handles (K-5000, K-5100 model), also aluminium handles and wood handles. Lopping shears are possible to cut a green wood less than 45mm thick branch (K-630 model).

The company is producing many kinds of saws including carpenter saws, folding saws, pruning saws, pruning saws for cutting fruit tree, and pipe saws.
All of the saw blades are made of carbon tool steel; the saw-tooth has excellent strength and cutting power by applying impulse hardening and economic use is possible as they are exchangeable.Folding saws are of the portable folding style, having various blade lengths (140, 180, 210, 250, 270, 300 mm), with glossy and hard chrome plating, and showing excellent durability.

Pruning saws are mainly used in pruning, with various blade lengths (270, 300, 330, 350, 380 mm), with glossy and hard chrome plating, and showing excellent durability.
Pruning saws for cutting fruit tree are specialized for pruing fruit tree, with various blade lengths (270, 300, 335, 365 mm), and eco-friendly electroless nickel plated. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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