Amphibious Dredger[INQ. NO. 1909M30] Baekkun Dredging, Co., Ltd is a professional company specialized in dredging products manufacturing, dredging construction, and everything related to dredging.
Established in 2009, Baekkun Dredging, Co., Ltd has boosted the domestic market of Korea with brand new-technology of dredgers and dredging construction methods such as Eco-Friendly Dredgers, Amphibious Dredgers, Eco-friendly Underwater Dredging Machines and Methods, Eco-Friendly Machines and Method for Soil Separation, etc.
Complying with regulations like ISO9001, ISO14001, and ISO3834, Baekkun Dredging, Co., Ltd has cooperated with local governments, and public institutions as well as private companies.
Thus, Baekkun Dredging, Co., Ltd can offer high-quality one-stop service, from manufacturing to construction.
Also, Baekkun Dredging, Co., Ltd owns proprietary technologies and has patents as well which means that never before seen services and products are now available.
Main Product of Baekkun Dredging, Co., Ltd is Multi-purpose Amphibious Dredger.
This is a brand-new type of dredger that suggests a whole new type of dredging construction and makes dredging construction much simpler and easier with lower costs than normal dredging construction.
A self-propulsion and track system is installed in the vessel, which means it can literally move by itself on land with the track and on water-sites with the propeller as well. The Amphibious Dredger can move on the water with a speed of 4 Knots.
With spuds, stable operating is possible by fixing the spuds on the underwater bed. Also, it helps the Amphibious Dredger load/unload itself onto/from the trailer which means transportation costs can be reduced. Thus, on the water-site, Spuds installed vertically and on transporting or when the Amphibious Dredger is not being utilized, the spuds are folded horizontally.
With side pontoons, the Amphibious Dredger can get additional buoyancy and working space on deck. Arriving at a worksite, side pontoons get assembled on the main body of the vessel and stabilize the main body, which means stable operation is possible.
Depending on the worksite, many attachments such as buckets, wide buckets, hydraulic cutters, suction hoods, clamshells, and rakes are attachable, which can increase the efficiency of work. For example, if a bunch of branches and weeds gets stuck in the worksite and disturbs the flow of the water, you can use the rake as the attachment. In this way, you can choose the best attachment depending on the worksite. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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