Pipe/Tank Insulation & Cold Provision Stores

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry[INQ. NO. 1909M29] Kangrim Insulation Co., Ltd., located in Busan, Korea, is specialized in shipbuilding and onshore/offshore insulation production and election work on site. Kangrim Insulation is attracting very favorable attention all over the world, from shipowners, shipyards, companies for our manufacturing and installation of products.
Kangrim have own factories with a total area as large as 349,800m2. In particular, the Pohang factory(168,300m2) is a specialized factory for manufacturing huge products. Normally huge products are difficult to be transported due to the heavy weight and volume, but since the Pohang factory is located very near a jetty (about 900m), direct shipping is very convenient for huge products with insulation.
Kangrim’s one-stop service, which is Kangrim Heavy Industries (a subsidiary) makes huge products, and Kangrim Insulation promptly does insulation in the same place, receiving excellent evaluation from its customers (a unique strength).
Kangrim Insulation’s products have been the preference compared with the best in the world from ship owners, shipyards and customers. The reason is the best technique and quality competitiveness that were developed through long experience & know-how over 40 years (the first Marine Cryogenic Insulation Company in Korea).
Through continuous R&D investments amounting to over 5% of sales for 40 years, Kangrim Insulation developed LNG/LEG/LPG pipe insulation, GTT MarkIII type R-PUF in Korea’s first, and it developed and produced GTT NO 96-LO3 Panel, KOGAS KC-1 Panel, as the world’s first.
Kangrim Insulation manufactured and constructed vessel/tank/pipe insulation of FLNG as the world’s first; and construction of LPG spray that has high resistance to flame is also a world-first experience. And also, in case of LNG/LEG/LPG pipe insulation, cold provision stores and FLNG vessel/tank/pipe insulation are the No.1 in the world in the marine insulation and offshore insulation field.
You can find more detailed information such as factory and product pictures and catalogs via Kangrim’s web site.

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