Hot Water Production Equipment[INQ. NO. 1909M33] INKOBIO is a company producing and selling emulsifier, which contributes to solution of the environmental and energy issues beginning with “Green Energy Plant ELUS,” which is a plant for energy saving and eco-friendly energy.
All kinds of boilers on the market at present produce hot water using the fuel (oil, gas or electric energy). However, INKOBIO’s “Heating Plant ELUS” is an innovative hot water making equipment (boiler) which can provide the hot water of required temperature without using any fuel except for the minimal electricity needed for operating the product itself.
The basic principle of the product is to change the kinetic energy into the thermal energy of high-temperature by pulverizing the thermal medium oil at ultrahigh speed with the power mill. This product can supply hot water of up to 99 degrees through the heat exchanger with the heat generated at this time (Patent No. 1863099).
In changing the concept of the conventional hot water boiler and heating boiler, Heating Plant ELUS has lots of differences and advantages compared with all kinds of existing boiler equipment.
First, it is a groundbreaking equipment in saving of the heating cost. You can save the heating cost by more than 60% ~ 70% compared with the gas, electric or oil boilers. Second, Heating Plant ELUS can be used semi-permanently while the existing industrial boilers have less than 10 years of useful life. Third, Heating Plant ELUS, manufactured in subminiature size, has a very high use of space. Fourth, Heating Plant ELUS is an eco-friendly product discharging no pollutants and the safest hot water providing equipment.
As an official member company of KOTRA, INKOBIO has participated in many export conferences and related projects for many years. Recently, INKOBIO joined the economic delegation at the presidential summit and many foreign buyers recognized its technical superiority in related field.
Based on the experience of core technology and accumulated know-how, INKOBIO recently developed “Heating Plant ELUS,” and, due to this, has changed the concept of conventional hot water boiler and heating boiler completely, thereby extending its territory in both domestic and overseas markets. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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