Portable Gas Detector

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry[INQ. NO. 1910M01] SENKO’s SGT is a portable single gas detector that measures toxic gases. It operates continuously for two years without replacement of the battery or gas sensor. It is a disposable type, so maintenance for the product is easy. It stores 30 event logs.
MGT is a portable multi-gas detector that measures four gases at once. It measures continuously O2, CO, H2S, and combustible gas (CH4) and displays the concentrations and raises an alarm when a risk arises.
The company’s SI-100 is a fixed gas detector to be installed in a place where potential risk of gas-leakage exists in order to measure oxygen, toxic gas, and combustible gas. It shows the concentration of gas through the LCD display. It can be connected to a controller with a standard 4-20Ma analog output communication or RS-485 digital communication.
The company’s SI-100C is a fixed gas detector without LCD display. The specification is the same as SI-100.
SENKO Co. Ltd. was founded in 2004 and the company has invested in research and development for newer gas sensors. It has customized typical electrochemical gas sensors to satisfy the requirements of consumer product manufacturers like Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics.

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