Dual Disc/Plate Check Valve

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry[INQ. NO. 1910M10] Woosung Valve’s dual disc check valves that are used in the main lines of industrial plants and the petrochemical industry are manufactured to meet international standards such as KS/JIS and ANSI/ASME.
The company is able to produce valves of various sizes ranging from 2” to 102”, and those of pressures ranging from 125LB to 2500LB.
A check valve made in a dual disc is closed by the force of a spring, so it is less influenced by

the water hammer and can ease the chattering phenomenon. When applied as a rubber sheet, it can achieve complete airtightness. A wide array of materials can be applied to the bodies and discs in accordance with the customers’ job applications.
Since the valve can be installed horizontally or vertically upward, there is no restriction on installation as compared to other check valves, so it can be applied to various piping lines.

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