Battery Welding Tractor[INQ. NO. 1910M31] Taewon Precision Company, a specialist in plasma cutting spare parts and portable welding tractors, made its successful debut by launching its new product GC-5BATT and winning the Innovation of the Year Prize at the Kazakhstan International Oil & Gas Exhibition (KIOGE) with GC-5BATT.
This product solves the problem of dangerous wire cable connection work, which is a disadvantage of current small automatic welding carriages by using a battery, and therefore, eliminates various risks that may occur during welding work.
An installed lithium-ion battery can work for eight hours on one-hour charge and 10 hours after being fully charged. The battery can be used more than 500 times in total. This product comes with two batteries so users do not need to worry about the use of batteries while using the product. In addition, the battery is a general one available on the market.
Even with the battery in the product, the product’s total weight is less than 5kg so the product is very portable. The product weighs about half of its competitors so has the advantage of being free to move conveniently in work environments such as shipyards and construction sites.
Taewon Precision, which celebrates its 25th anniversary this year, will refurbish all production lines to raise the level of quality and continue to show world-class products through its government-certified R&D center.
In particular, the company plans to register more patents in the field of patent-sensitive plasma cutting consumables and supply various consumables compatible with products of the world’s leading cutting makers. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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