Steel Pallet & Maintenance Machines[INQ. NO. 1910M32] Since 1992, Samjung Industries Co., Ltd. has been the most professional steel pallet manufacturer in Korea, well-equipped with modern facilities (ISO2001:2000/ISO14001:2004) and strong technical skills (developed in its R&D center). Samjung’s main product is the Steel Pallet for concrete product machines -Wow Board / Wow Board Alpha. Customers in more than 60 countries around the world are using Samjung’s products with satisfaction.
Samjung Industries prioritizes product quality, and customer satisfaction is its ultimate mission. All its members are working with their best effort every day for a better company of their own.

Wow board
All the materials have their own characteristics to apply on completed goods.
POS-SJ is specifically designed for steel pallet making through an MOU between Samjng and POSCO, and these can be more strongly resistant to sea water corrosion.
Cutting processes expose high temperature to the cutting section. This causes stress on the edge, which makes the edges harder. However, the center of the plate remains undisturbed.
Eventually, hardness throughout one pallet becomes unbalanced. To solve this problem, Samjung gives equal pressure to the entire pallet to relieve the stress on the steel pallet.
WOW board makes blocks with more density and more equally due to made to order steel, specialized material, stress relief, excellent vibration transmissibility and coated surface.

Wow board Alpha
Wow board Alpha is a next-generation production pallet for concrete blocks and pavers. Due to its Truss Structure, Alpha board is very lightweighted (50%~70% weight of solid pallets), durable, has excellent vibration transmissibility, and zero deflection rate. Such characteristics make the board perfect for manufacturing dense or large-sized products with less occurrences of cracks.

Board Cleaning Machine
Many kinds of block companies have faced problems to maintain the steel pallet. The residue on pallets causes burr on the bottom of block products,
So the board cleaner from Samjung has four steps of operation − scraping, brushing, dust collecting and oiling (or coating), which extends your pallets lifetime by up to 30% due to preventing pallets from corrosion. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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