Noise Control System[INQ. NO. 1910M27] Dury Chemical’s low noise piping solution, NC2, is based on the introduction of a new concept based on 20 years of low-noise technology and know-how and an innovative noise reduction mechanism.
NC2 is an eco-friendly product excelling in noise-prevention and has strong constructability for piping for apartment buildings and as vertical pipes.
Drainage noise is generated mainly when drainage collides with the wall of an elbow when the drainage fails after passing through the trap in the elbow of a toilet bowl. NC2 Toilet Elbow has an excellent noise protection function and is suitable for areas sensitive to noise such as apartments and hotels.
NC2 low-noise piping reduces noise by more than 50%, shortens construction time by more than 50% and increases fastening strength by more than 300%.
NC2 low-noise piping consists of a pipe made of special low noise and flame retardant materials, a joint pipe based on an innovative clamping method and a toilet elbow with a variable elastic nozzle.
This product adopts the method of connecting a pipe and a connector by placing a rubber ring and a clamp at the joint part of a connector and linking the pipe and the connector with force from turning the bolt of the clamp.
A worker is able to quickly finish the work by directly inserting a pipe into a connector and linking them with a power drill. Therefore, the product saves the worker more time and makes the connection stronger compared to methods currently available.
This is Dury Chemical’s registered patent and innovative technology that reduces noise as an elastic nozzle which can change in accordance with the amount of a flow in a toilet elbow.
It controls the movement of fluid during drainage and prevents the emission of generated noise (a noise-reduction of more than 5dB compared to existing toilet elbows). | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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