High Silicon(4~6%Si) SiMo Nodular Cast Irons

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry[INQ. NO. 1910M28] Bucheon Foundry Co., Ltd. has been producing casting materials in various fields such as auto parts, railway parts, various industrial parts, electric parts, pump parts and valve fitting products through its accumulated technology since its founding in 1977.
It has been steadily producing gray iron and ductile casting iron and currently produces 800 tons per month and 9,600 tons per year.
The equipment is Disamatic Vertical Molding Machine (size: 600X480X330mm) and one-ton dual Inductotherm Furnace. It produces gray cast iron for FC15 ~ 30 and nodular cast iron for FCD40 ~ 70, ADI and Hi-SiMo.
In particular, Hi-SiMo has high Si content and features high strength, yield strength and elongation.
Hi-SiMo is a high quality product which can have the same quality only if the quality control of the process is accurate because molten metal does not flow smoothly.
In order to secure such technology for consistent production quality, Bucheon Foundry has implemented foolproof quality-control and real-time process monitoring with the Point of Production (POP) system based on IATF16949 certification.
By product type, Bucheon Foundry manufactures automobile and railway parts such as pullies, hubs, brake drums, cylinder bodies, bearing caps, MTG BKTs, exhaust manifolds, gear cases and motor, reducer parts such as various brackets, bearing housings, covers, bodies, casings and electric, pump and valve parts.
In particular, intake & exhaust manifolds, various elbows, and bearing caps are the main components for engines and high-quality products that have to have strong durability and meet quality standards. Accordingly, the company is steadily elevating materials to higher grades in accordance with increases in engine outputs.
Its main corporate customers are major Korean carmakers (Hyundai-Kia / GM Korea/ Ssangyong) and overseas automakers (Daimler / Witzenmann).
Bucheon Foundry is stepping up its efforts to produce products that can satisfy not only Korean but also overseas customers by directly obtaining certifications from automakers.

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