Surge Protection System[INQ. NO. 1910M29] FLOWTECH., CO., LTD. has 30 years of experience in FLOWTECH’s piping systems, over 1,000 flow analyzes, over 100 water hammer tests, and has experience in analyzing this interpretation and examination, holds more than 108 IP rights in the world in the field of water hammer and won the Presidential Award for Outstanding Capital Goods Development (Sept., 2014).
The company prides ourselves on being the only company in the world to be responsible for water hammer through the entire process of supporting the design, manufacture, installation, water hammer testing, verification and maintenance of flow review in the pipeline and safety devices, and is committed to the success of customers’ projects with continuous technology development and innovation.
The company has acquired the performance certification, green technology certification, procurement excellent registration, KC certification, excellent quality certification, CE certification, ASME certification and OHSAS18001 certification of water hammer mitigation device for the first time in Korea regarding water hammer and has applied the original technology development and standards to reduce the power saving and standby time for the first time in relation to surge tank.
With the world’s first development of the Non-Slam Ejector System, the company has completed the check valve slam relaxation, the original technology development and the package technology development of the world’s only non-slam check valve, surge tank, and non-slam ejector. Therefore, the company prides ourselves on being the only company in the world that can provide water hammer guarantee for the entire pipeline by having commercialization and delivery performance.
FLOWTECH., CO., LTD. provides hydraulic machinery products and services based on eco-friendliness of water-energy-environment. It has made continued effort for R&D and value creation for its customers, with the ultimate goal of making all the projects of its customers eco-friendly, more efficient, and highly stable.
Water Hammer prevention equipment it supplies have been recognized as by far the best in the world in various aspects, and as it is ranked as No. 1 in supply performance in Korea, the company is preparing the application for global patents and entering into overseas markets to complete with global players. To this end, it has increased its R & D investments every year as a robust eco-friendly hydraulic machinery and engineering company with a sound management structure and sustainable human resources development. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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