Automotive Parts[INQ. NO. 1911M17] INNORNC CO., LTD. is a global auto parts manufacturer and has expanded its business since the establishment of its factory and headquarters in 2000. INNORNC produces automotive rubber parts and anti-vibration rubber parts; mount, bush, stopper, damper, diaphragm and others. INNORNC acquired the SQ Mark (Certificate of Supplier Quality for HYUNDAI & KIA) and ISO/TS 16949.
INNORNC produces and exports the most reliable automotive rubber parts worldwide. With ceaseless research and development, INNORNC makes it possible for its products to meet the various needs of its customers and strives to contribute to customer prosperity by supplying reliable products with cutting-edge technology as well as competitive prices as a lifetime business partner.

The company’s current major automotive parts are:
Mounts are used to connect an engine and a car body (chassis) to prevent any vibration and noise caused by engine from being transferred to the car body. It has a very important role to improve the silence and calm ride of vehicles.

Bushes are assembled in between almost every kind of joint and connecting parts of car frames. They absorb vibration and prevent noise caused by the car body.

Stoppers mainly serve the function of absorbing and cushioning the shocks caused by the car body.
Damper absorbs the shock caused by a car body (chassis) and a steering wheel.
Diaphragm is assembled on the upper part of the hydromount. It prevents fluids from leaking. In addition to Diaphragm, INNORNC manufactures many other rubber parts, such as noise control pads, oil gauges, etc.

Established in 2000, the company was selected as the best supplier of Pyung Hwa Industrial Co., Ltd. In 2014, it was selected as a company eligible for the so-called “Export Capability Building Program (SMBA)”.
Notably, this year, the company won the first prize of Korean National Quality Award, jointly awarded by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy and the Korea Standards Association. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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