Ultrasonic Flowmeter

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry[INQ. NO. 1911M18] Jain Technology is a company specializing in ultrasonic flowmeter since 1991. Especially, Jain Technology make fully digitalized ultrasonic flowmeters for liquid and gas.
Also, Jain has a Certified Calibration Laboratory for liquid flow in accordance with the recognized international standard ISO 17025. The company provides total solutions for the ultrasonic flow measurements from planning and design, through to manufacturing, installation and commissioning.
Clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeter Xonic 100L provides a time-saving and convenient solution for flow monitoring. Xonic 100L measures time difference of flow using ultrasonic signals emitted from outside the pipe. Clamp-on transducers are mounted directly onto existing pipes. There is no need to cut or weld the pipe for installation and maintenance. It is ideal for municipal water, wastewater, cool & hot water, liquids with heavy slurry, seawater, oil & chemical, as well as block flow monitoring.
Xonic 100P is a handheld ultrasonic flowmeter for sites where temporary measurement is required. It can be used to compare field flowmeters performance and as a portable device to spot-check. It can measure virtually any type of liquids with less than 30% of solids or bubbles such as clean water, wastewater, milk, limestone, crude oil. Xonic 100P operate 24 hours with an internal rechargeable battery.
Xonic 100LO is a world-first ultrasonic flowmeter using transit-time method for measuring partially filled sewer pipes. The system uses a specially designed 4-path transducer, which allows one to measure both low flow at midnight and high flow during rainy season. The transducer design does not disturb flow and is free from sand or contamination. If the sensor area is filled up with sediment, the smart alarm function will be activated to inform the user to clean the pipe. Therefore, no regular pipe cleaning is required. Xonic 100LO can replace the doppler flowmeter easily.
Xonic-10G is a fully digitalized gas flowmeter that can measure natural gas, biogas, combustion gas and air. It demonstrates higher and accurate velocity measurement range compared to the existing ones. Direct flow maintains 1.0% of accuracy in very low flow velocity of 0.05m/s. There are no moving parts, and therefore no degradation of performance, with easy installation.

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