Nonferrous Metal Materials and Components for Electricity and Electric Power[INQ. NO. 1911M29] Costal Corporation is a company that manufactures nonferrous-metal-based materials and components for electricity and electric power. The name ‘Costal’ was coined by combining ‘co’ from copper, ‘st’ from steel and ‘al’ from aluminum.
The company’s main products are busbars and materials & components called busbar processed goods for middle & high-tension electricity and electric power. Its component products are divided into two: standardized products and processed products based on customers’ orders.
Costal is manufacturing some 2,000 types of products for over 200 customers at home and abroad. It is also capable of providing various types of coated, plated and insulated products.
Except for coating and insulating processes, all other processes are done within the company thanks to its own, over 50 pieces of equipment from a 12m drawing machine to a 250t oil-hydraulic press. Having various types of equipment in one place, the company could offer competitive unit prices compared with other providers.
Costal, as a metal-processing company, is manufacturing varied products including copper & aluminum branch sleeves, C-type sleeves, copper busbars and copper rods for distributing boards, casting lugs for substations, radiator panels and IGBT heat sinks used for vehicles, hydraulic and mold-type transformer parts, distribution box lugs and others.
In January of this year, Costal made an agreement with TMEIC, a Japan-based company, to supply distribution box parts worth KRW 1 billion on an annual basis. In the second half of this year, the company is going to make its first delivery worth around KRW 200 million.
“We could finally make a fruitful result by signing the agreement three years after trying to move into the Japanese market” said Costal CEO Lee Jae-pil. “After attending electric-power-related exhibitions held in Japan every year and knocking on the door of the Japanese market, we could make the actual agreement” he added.
Starting with the agreement, Costal is planning to advance not only into the Japanese market, but also into the German, Australian and European markets. By doing so, it has a medium & long-term plan to increase its exports which are currently standing at around KRW 1.7 billion up to KRW 3 billion. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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