Automotive & Industrial Machine Parts Treated by “Laser Hardening”[INQ. NO. 1911M28] Are you still worried about such issues as ‘abrasion resistance, deformation, process period and local heat treatment’ at manufacturing sites?
The cutting-edge laser hardening technology recently developed by Sangdo TDS Co., Ltd., as a heat treatment expert, can relieve your concerns.
Thanks to the merits that it could reduce manufacturing costs and extend product durability, there is a sharp increase in applying the laser hardening technology to manufacturing processes requiring laser heat treatment.
The technology is widely applied to cast-iron molds, press molds, gears, rails, rings and vehicle parts and industrial machine parts.
Laser hardening is the way of radiating a high-energy laser beam to harden the metal surface through heating and self-cooling processes. Laser hardening is a new technology that can heat treat and harden only localized areas, which were hardly possible using the previous heat treatment.
As the laser-based technology requires less energy and neither water nor oil for cooling the heated metal surface, it is coming into the spotlight as an eco-friendly, new laser hardening that leaves the work environment and applied metal surface clean.
In addition, it could reduce costs by decreasing the deformation and process time thanks to the localized hardening of a metal part and could extend the lifespan of the applied part by increasing abrasion resistance and strength.
Specialised in heat treatment, SangdoTDS Co.,Ltd. since its establishment in 1994, has provided various heat treatment services including Q/T, Nor, SRA, ISO, spheroidize annealing, nitriding of casting and forged parts of automobiles, heavy equipment, and industrial machinery.

Recently, SangdoTDS has established laser heat treatment system and is carrying out national tasks of R&D and focused on developing demand-oriented laser heat treatment technology at the technology institute, signed a technical partnership with Fuji Koushuha Industry Co., Ltd., a Japanese company specializing in laser heat treatment, and is doing it’s best to provide the value demanded by the domestic demand industry faster. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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