Wing Vans[INQ. NO. 1911M27] Logistics acts as a key industry in each country and region like a blood vessel that supplies the human body with oxygen and blood.
A logistics innovation solution developed by Hansung Special Equipment is wing-body trucks (wing vans).
There are three types of wing-body trucks — general dry wing vans, insulated wing vans and soft top wing vans. The three types maximize logistics efficiency by dramatically reducing cargo loading and unloading time. A cut in cargo loading and unloading time from general delivery volume to vegetables, frozen & cold items allows each logistics company to maximize the turnover rate of transportation trucks.
In addition, the Korean-Type Soft Top Wing Van developed by Hansung Special Equipment in co-operation with Europe uses loading and unloading space as efficiently as possible and lowered the weight of its body, thereby maximizing its payload and pruning fuel costs.
In addition, a rapid freezing solution developed by Hansung Special Equipment maintains minus 25 degrees C temerature within two hours as an optimized frozen solution for Korea and other regions, and in particular, Southeast Asia.
Hansung Special Equipment’s wing van which has dramatically lowered logistics loading and unloading and maintenance costs, and the Cold Chain Optimization Solution through quick freezing technology create value optimized for the domestic and overseas logistics markets.
Hansung Special Equipment has built a good reputation in the specialty vehicle industry over a period of 20 years while maximizing customer satisfaction by manufacturing various special vehicles.
By operating three plants, the company offers a wide range of products including variable shafts, wing bodies, small package delivery trucks and trailers, and are expanding sales in overseas markets such as Vietnam and Japan. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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