Diamond Tools


[INQ. NO. 1912M22] Since 1996, Dongah Diamond Tools has been exporting many kinds of diamond tools to more than 20 countries.

Galaxy Laser Blade
Galaxy laser blade, a key export product of diamond tools, is manufactured in a new manner called the array segment method, and has excellent cutting speed and a longer lifetime than existing products. Available sizes are 12mm and 13mm and from 9” to 24” heights. This is used for all concretes, concretes containing rebar, stones, bricks, and natural stones.

SPB Blade
SPB blade is made so thin that it is cut clearly without chipping. This is used for all types of tiles, porcelain tiles, marbles, granite tiles, and bricks. Available sizes are 4”-4.5”-5”-6”-7”-8”-9”-10”-12”-14”.

XTB Blade
This is a product with newly shaped form is getting positive feedback from overseas markets. Available sizes are 4”-4.5”-5”-6”-7”-9”-12”.

A-Grinding Cup Wheel
This is used for all kinds of concrete. The usability of this product is excellent. Available sizes include 4”-5”-6”-10”.
B-grinding cup wheel is used for abrasive materials. W-pcd grinding cup wheel is good for removing paint or epoxy. Available sizes include 4”-5”-6”-10”.
Dongah Diamond Tools acquired MPA certification and EN 13236, which are European standard certificates.
Dongah Diamond Tools participated in Germany’s Cologne hardware exhibition, and introduced domestic diamond tools in an effort to develop overseas markets.
The company nurtured key overseas business relationships through participation in the exhibition.
The company’s representatives visited Lyon in France a few times in 1996 to participate in the 1st exhibition of the year and secured business relationships with a large French company. It was not easy for the company to enter into the first deal with the French company, but a deal eventually was made and exports have been continued 15 times every year.

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