Hydraulic Bench Press

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry[INQ. NO. 1912M23] Since 1980, Dongjin Machinery Co., Ltd. has been the leader in hydraulic bench presses in Korea. Under its slogan, “Be Honest, Faithful and Accurate, Dongjin has been keeping its promise to satisfy its customers’ expectations with the best quality.
Dongjin has produced small and compact hydraulic presses for inserting, caulking, trimming, blanking, stamping, coining and etc. The bolster size, the open height and stroke can be changed according to the the customers’ requirements.
Dongjin’s hydraulic bench type presses’ strength is high-speed and high-precision.
Dongjin press is very efficient due to the two different stages of RAM speed: Approach (High Speed range); and Press (Low Speed range) .
Dongjin presses’ differential piston function makes the press work two different stages of ram speed. Its differential piston function is the ram speed increase by the working fluid increase which happens by the difference of the cross-section area of the upper piston rod and lower piston rod.
Dongjin developed a control box that can set the pressure time and pressure power easily and the operator can set the jig fixture by its 3 operation mode(manual mode, inching mode and auto mode).
It can be safely operated with two hand button switches and an electronic safety device. Its compact size makes the installation easier. It makes low noise and there is less vibration.
There are several options for Dongjin Hydraulic presses which are opto-electronic safety device, cooler (Ait/Water), heater, pressure switch, throttle valve, guided ram. Load cell and so on. The open height and stroke can be adjustable according to the customer’s request. Dongjin’s presses have acquired KCS certification and CE certification for safe operation.
Dongjin’s reputation has been spreading not only through the domestic market but through the overseas market. Dongjin Machinery started its business with pneumatic press and booster cylinder press, and it soon has expanded the product to hydraulic press and servo press.
PCDF process and accumulated experience ensure the reliability of its machines. Dongjin’s spirit toward masterpieces of machines is its responsibility for the customers and its R&D investment for the future is its competitive power for the customers. Now all the presses are exported to the United States, China and Southeast Asian countries.

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