Hydraulic Attachment

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry[INQ. NO. 1912M46] DAEMO Engineering Co., Ltd., meaning ‘an upright example,’ is a hydraulic attachment company representing Korea with constant research on products and a thorough product quality management system. DAEMO Engineering is also a global company that manufactures and sells attachments with the best performance, necessary in quarries, mines, construction sites, resources recycling sites and public enterprises, and exports to about 60 countries around the world. DAEMO Engineering participated in BAUMA China held in Shanghai, China from November 27 to November 30, 2018 with the biggest booth in the Korean Pavilion.

Alicon Breaker
It is the representative premium breaker brand of DAEMO Engineering Co., Ltd. It is lighter and has a higher striking power than previous products. It also improves the durability of the entire breaker by newly designing and improving not only its main components but also its subsidiary components. Due to this, the overall maintenance costs are reduced significantly. It has excellent structural rigidity because a through bolt is heat-treated before being assembled autonomously. It also has an extremely low failure rate because it goes through a 2-step cleaning process and a lot test before assembly.
Auto grease replaces regular grease refill work to maximize efficiency under any working environment and a low-noise function which will resolve difficulties of midtown construction can be added. It can be also manufactured to attach various forms of brackets that customers want so it can be easily applied to different working environments, working angles and devices.
Furthermore, it provides the highest level of efficiency through an anti-blank fire system that can protect the entire durability of its internal components and the breaker by stopping the blow at a point that a chisel cannot strike properly, and a 2-step stroke valve (TPC) that can control a strike to a desirable speed depending on the workload.

It is the recycling scrap attachment of DAEMO Engineering Co., Ltd., representing Korea. They have a wide range of product line-up to satisfy the needs of various customers. DAEMO Engineering is also manufacturing two types of products, a guide type and a non-guide type, to have the best productivity under any working environment.
Having higher crushing strength than other companies is a great advantage of this product group. To secure not only power but also work stability and durability, Hardox 400 with strong wear resistance and Hardox HiTuf materials with improved tensile strength are used for blades.
Moreover, as a speed-up valve which has a wide opening width and a fast open-and-shut speed is built in so it displays great productivity when treating large H-beams, I-beams and scrapped ships, each part of the cutter can be compatible, maintenance costs can be reduced, and can be easily replaced.

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