Induction Cap Sealer for Packaging[INQ. NO. 1912M01] Trueseal Corporation is a leading manufacturer of induction cap sealers for packaging using a high-frequency induction heating method. Before the company developed induction cap sealers, Korea had to import them from abroad. The company is supplying water-cooled and air-cooled automatic equipment to leading companies in the fields of food, milk, cosmetics, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, oil refining and packaging.
Trueseal has developed customized equipment for Korea’s production environment that focuses on small quantity production of many kinds and is continuously developing products to reduce users’ costs by minimizing the number of equipment types.
Trueseal produces, supplies and takes care of production facilities for customers so that they can use them in producing a wide array of products such as induction cap sealers for cups and yogurt bottles, in addition to general containers.
The induction cap sealer attaches aluminum foil on containers through high frequency induction heating. After sealing, the contents are completely sealed against contamination from the external environment, thus extending the safety and preservation of the product.
The product can be applied to all kinds of products packaged in containers. In particular, it is applied to products where it is necessary to prevent leakage of their contents and the dehumidification of pharmaceuticals, food, beverages, cosmetics, oil, etc.
The induction cap sealer is compact, so it can be installed on a narrow production line. Its simple method of use allows anyone to use it.
In particular, its sealing method is non-contact and does not require any structural change in existing production lines. Regardless of various cap sizes (5mm-150mm), only one sealing head can be used to seal products.
Trueseal’s main products include Passive Model OSTS1000, Automatic Water Cooled Model OSTS3000W, Automatic Air-Cooled Model OSTS3000A, and Induction No Cap Sealer Model TOD-1000CLM, among others. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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