Hydraulic Accessories

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry[INQ. NO. 1912M05] FLOWFORCE is one of the global-leading companies in the field of hydraulic accessories that produces accumulators, air-oil coolers and water-oil coolers. The applications are in the fields of industrial machinery, steel & machine tools, special purposed vehicles, mining & agricultural machinery, shipbuilding & offshore and renewable energy applications.
The core business objectives and philosophy of FLOWFORCE is to promote customers’ value and increase their profits by providing high-quality products and technical service in accordance with the industry specific requirements of markets.

FLOWFORCE’s accumulator makes use of the difference in the compressibility of N2 gas and a liquid (hydraulic fluid). It is good to be used for hydraulic systems, hydraulic equipment, and other machinery that utilizes fluids can enable the accumulation of pressure.
The main functions are storing energy under pressure, dampening pump pulsation & flow fluctuations, absorbing hydraulic shock and improving system efficiency.

Air Oil Coolers
It is key to prevent unnecessary losses through maintaining the ideal temperature. Selection of insufficient heat exchange coolers and improper operation management of oil raises a risk of excessive energy consumption and operating maintenance costs.
The main applications are industrial hydraulic systems, heat recovery, lubrication systems, factory automation, gear boxes, hydraulic winches, construction machinery, wind power and renewable energy applications.

Water Oil Coolers
As a global market leader, this tube bundle type of oil cooler that FLOWFORCE designed is for the purpose of high cooling-capacity and differentiated design-concepts compared with traditional coolers.
This new type of FST series is also suitable for industrial, seawater and special fluids with high temperature and pressure in any certain conditions that enhance your system in terms of cooling performance by managing your system oil and lifecycle.

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