Stainless Steel Profile Wire and Bronze & Brass Casting[INQ. NO. 1912M06] Since it was established in 2007 in Ilsan (close to Seoul, and Incheon International Airport), JM STEEL Co., Ltd. has been achieved the enormous growth by its constant effort during this relatively not very long period.
JM STEEL is specialized specifically in billet, slab, ingot and wire rod as raw material and also in wire and wire rope, spring, screw shaft and mesh.
Now, JM STEEL is expanding its business also to the field of other consumption goods that are produced by subsidiary companies which JM STEEL supplies with the source material.
With this circle, JM STEEL assures the quality due to the reliable material and manufacturing progress.

Stainless Steel Profile Wire
It has highly corrosive resistant, good ductility, long lasting and good tensile strength, minimizes maintenance cost. Besides, to meet the specific requirement of various industrial sectors, they can be manufactured in different shapes such as flat, rectangle, oval, triangle, tear drop, diamond, hexagonal, half round, etc.
In addition, these stainless steel profile wires are also available in annealed condition, ensuring that they are hard or ductile as per the specific requirements.

Bronze & Brass Casting
With superior corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, hardness and electrical conductivity, it is used as parts for worm gears, bearings, bushings, sleeves, hydraulic cylinders, rollers for paper manufacturing, general machines and motors. It is possible to work with sizes requested by customers.
JM STEEL’s products are high quality and have competitive pricing. JM STEEL can manufacture various kinds of products in small quantities. That’s why it’s possible to make custom orders.
All of its products are used for auto, machinery-related parts, construction equipment parts, building materials parts, electronic equipment parts, medical equipment parts and household goods. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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