Fuel Cell Analysis System

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry[INQ. NO. 2004M01] Fuel cell analysis system is a comprehensive system aimed to evaluate power generation capability of PEFC and DMFC.
The system can comprehensively control software for the purpose of measuring various electric properties ranging from automatic measurement of electric currents and electric potential – and analysis of alternating current impedance to measurement of resistance, in addition to gas supply, humidification, moisturization, heat, separation of gas from liquid, and backing pressure.
Moreover, measurement of alternating current impedance through the use of FRA automatically analyzes equivalent circuits with high credibility.
The system is an evaluator used in conducting element analysis on electrolytes, catalysts, electrodes and divider plates, and developing fuel cell modules.
At the time of development of fuel cells, emphasis was placed on a technology aimed to evaluate properties, but it was developed to analyze the power-generation characteristics of PEFC or direct methanol fuel cells.
The system is a hardware-software package that integrates capabilities of controlling flow of fuel gas, temperature, humidity and pressure and measuring electric properties, which includes an analyzer required to evaluate power generation characteristics of fuel cells and an alternating current impedance gauge.
The system can control and measure the power-generation characteristics of fuel gas simultaneously and consecutively, as well as regulating supply, temperature, humidification and pressure of fuel gas and conduct measurement of properties of electric currents and voltage with regard to a certain rate of fuel use and internal resistance based on a current breaker.
In addition, it is possible to conduct automatic testing according to pre-designated sequence. It is also possible to evaluate deterioration of fuel cells, and high measurement accuracy and reenactment have been acquired with regard to measurement of internal resistance. In particular, the company offers accurate measurement of alternating current impedance.


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