Power Supply & Readout Unit

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry[INQ. NO. 2004M02] Model SERO 2000 (Power Supply & Readout Unit) supplies power to MFC (Mass Flow Controller) and displays stable set-point voltage and flow signal voltage so that the MFC can be accurately controlled. Supplied power is ±15VDC (50W-4 channel), and it is operated as an independent power source in each channel.
It reduces voltage imbalances occurring at the time of interlocking of MFCs with different capacity and helps minimize interruptions by external power. Precision A/D and D/A converters are built in, and a set-point rate and a measured flow rate are displayed in four digits and seven segments, so it is easy to decipher.

In addition, existing variable resistance at the time of calibration was removed, and digital value was stored to prevent it from being sensitive to changes in external temperature, and to realize repeatability and reproduction. In particular, a power switch is placed on a rear panel for the purpose of safety. Since it is programmed as a micro-processor, users can take more diversified approaches to various functions and options based on wide utility.

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