Hydraulic Breaker

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry[INQ. NO. 2005M01] DOWIN International’s T-series hydraulic breakers are very powerful and productive thanks to the cylinder-embedded control valve system.
DOWIN’s T-series breakers are designed to harmonize the long piston stroke with a nitrogen cushion on the top of the piston, creating less shock and vibration than competing breakers.
The superior quality alloy steel provides excellent durability and longer life. The box-type breaker was developed to minimize noise during operation, with the use of sound-absorbing materials and noise-reducing frame design, features that are very useful in the job sites in urban areas. DOWIN’s T-series provides a variety of selections with 14 diversified models.

DOWIN is being recognized as one of the fastest-growing Korean companies specializing in hydraulic breakers and excavator attachments. DOWIN is very proud that its sales revenues of hydraulic breakers have been growing rapidly, more than 30% every year since 2005, which was realized by its strategy of ‘the best quality and competitive price.’
With its leading technology and customer-oriented corporate culture, DOWIN will continue to make the most efforts to become the No. 1 hydraulic breaker company.



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