Three-way Control Valves[INQ. NO. 2005M02] Samsung Control Valve Company’s three-way control valves are generally used either to mix flowing medium or to divert one medium into two outlet flows, and are often used when fluid temperature is to be adjusted through heat exchange.
Mixing-type valves can also be used for diverting service when both the valve size and pressure differential are small.
However, the mixing type is more suitable when the valve size is larger than 3” and the pressure differential is also considerable.

The actuator employed is a multispring-type, small-sized, high-output diaphragm motor with an extremely simplified operating mechanism. Samsung Control Valve Company dominates more than 90% of the domestic market at present and has been participating in overseas projects at the request of coal-fired power plants and EPC companies, resulting in US$400 million of indirect exports annually. By finding new buyers through participating in at least three exhibitions every year, it has expanded its export network to 14 countries or more. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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