Cast-resin Transformer[INQ. NO. 2005M05] Cast-resin transformers are becoming more popular due to strict environment regulation and increased concerns over fire explosion. Enertech Co., Ltd. has developed and manufactured cast-resin transformers for 15 years to cope with market demand. Cast-resin transformers meet the highest environmental, climatic, and fire-behavior standards as certified by CESI for climatic class C2, environmental class E2, and fire-behavior class F1. High level of quality was also verified through type tests performed by KEMA.
The maker manufactures cast-resin transformers for a wide range of infrastructural and industrial applications such as buildings and residential developments; plants to drive electric motors; underground stations; cranes at seaports, on board ships or offshore platforms.

Enertech’s Cast-resin Transformer has succeeded in combining the advantages of oil-filled and conventional dry-type transformers, which are fabricated with an epoxy resin. The windings are completely embedded under vacuum conditions. This casting method makes it possible to ensure void-free epoxy penetration of both the inner layer and turn-to-turn insulation.
The cast coil with epoxy resin with non-flammable characteristics has a self-fire-extinguishing performance, to be free from a fire caused by electrical sparks.
The cast coil with epoxy resin with high electrical and mechanical strength is manufactured in a robust structure against an electro-mechanical force occurring during short circuit, external impacts, and abnormal vibrations.
The cast coil with epoxy resin has an enhanced dielectric strength and does not suffer from the deterioration of dielectric property due to humidity and the aging effects of insulating materials, even after a long term without maintenance.
Compact size and lightweight type can be embodied by designing and manufacturing the coil by casting in a high vacuum using epoxy resin and insulating materials with good dielectric strength.
The cast coil with epoxy resin has a high thermal time constant factor, and it can thus endure much higher overloads for a short period of time.
Low-loss and low-noise are embodied through the optimal compact design using silicon steel of low-loss and good-insulating materials.
The cast coil with epoxy resin does not suffer from the deterioration of an insulating property due to humidity and moisture, so it is easy to inspect and maintain a transformer including the coil.
Founded in 2003, Enertech has been providing energy-saving products to the global market. The enterprise is supplying power distribution transformers, ESS (Energy Storage Systems), and power-savers, and they are recognized as excellent products in technology and performance. Its products are used in buildings, factories, schools, hospitals, data centers, shopping malls, and so forth. In the technology sector, it has obtained 15 patents and these differentiated technologies are always performing better than its competitors in the market. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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