Core Barrels[INQ. NO. 2005M06] TaeSung Co. is a leading manufacturer of exploration drilling equipment for Korea and the surrounding region since 1980. Taesung is specialized in the production of high-quality impregnated diamond core bits, reaming shells, core barrels, casing, drill rods, and more.
Taesung’s Core Barrels are made of raw materials of best quality appropriate for drilling, so they have excellent lifespan and quality and are currently being exported to various countries such as Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Uzbekistan, etc.
Now there are many types of these barrels produced by the company – single tube core barrels, double tube core barrels, triple tube core barrels, and wire line core barrels.

The single tube core barrels are generally used to increase the collection rate of cores on an even ground. They cannot be used at the ground that can be easily collapsed or eroded by the circulation water.
The double tube core barrels are made of double tubes (outer tube, inner tube), and circulation water passes through the gap between the tubes and is not touched by the collected cores. They are not suitable to be used for the geological strata where core collection is difficult due to uneven strata with many cracks, coal beds, and soft layers. Also, they play a role of increasing the core collection rate.
The triple tube core barrels have almost the same structure with double tube core barrels, but tubes for the core case are built inside the inner tube.
The inner tube can be easily removed from a core case tube along with the cores taken into the inner tube.

It is a product that is made to collect the fresh cores without disruptions from the weak ground or broken layers where core collection is difficult with normal double core barrels.
The wire line core barrels are used to hoist the rods during the drilling and core collection works by the bits of Core barrels or at the time of bit changing.
The greater the depth of the hoisting works, the more becomes the number of the rods and the weight of the rods as well as the cost, time, and labor of works. In order to solve these problems, wire line core barrels have an inner tube that is fitted inside the outer tube, and hoist the inner tube onto the ground within the hole by use of wire rope. If you use this core barrel, the number of hoistings of the rods is reduced, and accordingly this is the most reasonable core barrel especially for the drilling of cores from deep layer.
As a long-lasting No.1 supplier in Korea over the past 40 years and a preferred supplier to many other countries, Tae Sung is committed to supplying its clients with only the best-quality products. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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