Load Break Switch

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry[INQ. NO. 2007M03] BH SYSTEM’s BR-10 series switch control connected to a load break switch can be installed in a medium voltage distribution network. The switch control, through the built-in voltage and current sensors of the LBS, performs monitoring of distribution networks, fault detection, auto-sectionalizing, and load shedding functions. Furthermore, utilities, by using separate communication networks and automation system, can remotely monitor and control the equipment.
The LBS is installed together with the recloser, and through subdivided fault section detection and separation, minimizes power outage sections.
These are the most vital pieces of equipment together with the recloser when it comes to improving supply reliability among customers and building automation systems.
The load break switch for overhead lines is divided into SF6 or solid insulated type depending on the insulation method.
Also, it is divided into motorized type (operated by electrical signal) and manual type (operated by the operator).
The motorized LBS is equipped with voltage and current sensors to monitor distribution networks.
The LBS is structured to be operated by a driver with a single spring, and has constant opening and closing times.
For the SF6 insulated type, materials with excellent electrical properties are used at the tulip type contact point, and thus, high mechanical and electrical operation characteristics, and stability are achieved.
The load break switch is used for load shedding to maintain the power quality at the point of the branch lines or customers.
This product is able to connect the two lines at the normally open point. This switch is for an open loop network, but can also be applied to a radial network, which has an alternate source.
BH SYSTEM was founded in 2004 by its core engineers, who have a great deal of experience in the distribution automation field. Based on its extensive experience and specialized technology, the company focuses on controls for distribution automation or distribution network protection, as well as systems related to these controls.
BH SYSTEM strives always to ensure customer satisfaction by reflecting their requests and supplying more technologically advanced products.

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