Emerging as a Global Major Producer of Automotive Air Conditioning Parts

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiryWheel Corp. has become a member of the leading group contributing to the global automotive industry through manufacturing of top-level ferrules, mufflers and IHX tubes since 2000.

Could you please briefly introduce your company?
Established in 2000, Wheel Corp. has specialized in manufacturing automotive air conditioning parts like ferrules (or coupling), mufflers and IHX tubes through the press molding and machining of aluminum pipes and round bars.

We are proud to have gained a foothold to increase our competitiveness in supplying of direct extrusion and injection of aluminum materials through the recent completion of our 2nd factory.
Our company has been maintaining sound business relationships with numerous global partners such as Hanon Systems, Hutchinson, ContiTech, Nichirin, etc. for a long time, while leading the domestic market.
We have been engaged in this business for a long time, not only with domestic customers but also with renowned global partners such as Hanon Systems, Hutchinson, ContiTech, Nichirin and so on. And so it was that we could become a not big, but emerging leading player in global market.

What types of products your company largely produces now?
Currently, we produce ferrules, mufflers and IHX tubes as major products – in order to meet the demands of our global customers.
Ferrule is a critical component to connect rubber hoses to aluminum tubes in the automotive HVAC system, and mufflers are used for reducing noise caused by refrigerants, and are used for improving the performance of air conditioners through increasing the efficiency in heat exchange mechanism through IHX tubes.
And also, we are now professionally engaged in manufacturing a varied line-up of aluminum products including coolant tubes, grooved pipes, etc. – as a move to fully meet the various market demands.

Any special messages you want to deliver to your current and potential buyers?
Through this issue of Korea Buyers Guide, we want to convey our deep gratitude to our valued global clients, hoping that our close relationship with you be long lasting – on a sustainable mutual growth basis.
We have no choice but to confess that our engagement for producing high-quality products that contribute to a more efficient and sustainable automotive industry have always been our prime goal and also a pleasant challenge.
We are committed to continuously striving to look ahead beyond our current vision for new products – in order for us to release exciting new products – through innovative thinking and new technologies like braze-less mufflers, high corrosion-resisting aluminum materials, etc.
Join us to be a business partner with Wheel Corp. Thank you!

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