Control Unit for Air Compressor in 2001, DOTECH Inc. impressed the market with its new innovative product called the VSD+ series, which is still enjoying market popularity.
The VSD+ series is a new conceptual control unit, through the installation of a general industrial air compressor, maximizing energy efficiency by changing the control system (e.g. sequence) into inverter control-based Variable Speed Drive (VSD). Most of the existing compressors need to maintain power greater than 50%, although there is scarcely any air consumption in order to maintain starting stand-by status.
In other words, unnecessary consumption of energy is frequently unavoidable due to the limitations of technology. However, if VrSD+ is applied to the existing equipment, the operational efficiency can be improved significantly because such application can minutely control the RPM of compressors according to the real-time air consumption.

Particularly, if load operating time does not take long or load and no load operation alternate frequently in the field, energy-saving effects of up to 40% can be expected.
The product ensures up to 30-40% energy saving with inverter-based real-time control. The peak power reduction is possible by soft start/soft stop. The product guarantees stability through bypass mode support. This allows a simple installation process. It can be applied to various torque load devices including fans, pumps, blowers, etc.
DOTECH has been providing industrial temperature/humidity equipment and the product group of temperature/humidity controllers (HTX Series) for dehumidification of large ships.
It has also been supplying optimized various products and solutions in order to improve and maintain quality in various areas based on its unique technologies and accumulated experience in environmental measurement, and control areas for R&D and production process control of LCD, KGMP of pharmaceutical products, automobile components, and foods.
Based on a series of power technologies that have been cultivated by the company in the domestic environmental measurement field that had not been developed locally but depended on foreign technologies, the company extended its view to the unlimited global markets, and continues promotional activities (participation in overseas exhibitions and establishment of overseas subsidiaries, etc.) in order to provide bridgeheads to the markets of Chinese territories, Southeast Asia, Europe, and the Americas.
All the employees strive to help the company be positioned as a leader in the domestic market, which will be the foundation for aforesaid overseas marketing. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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